Vegan cries while eating fish for the first time in two years 10 months ago

Vegan cries while eating fish for the first time in two years

She was advised to start eating fish for 'medical reasons'

A vegan woman has shared a video of herself eating her first bit of meat in two years. Safe to say, she didn't enjoy it.


Lamar or @lamarchairez, is a TikTok creator and streams on Twitch. She posted the clip of herself eating a fillet of salmon back on September 14 and it has since been viewed over 17 million times.

@lamarchairezThis is a total sh!T show. I guess I’m a seagan now :( ##vegan ##KeepItRealMeals ##thisissad ##crying♬ Home - Edith Whiskers


As she explains in the minute-long video, she was told to eat fish "due to allergies, sensitivities and medical reasons". She adds that she "got the most sustainable wild caught salmon I could find".

She captioned her video, "I'm literally having a breakdown over this piece of fish RN,", adding in the subtitles of the video: "I'm doing more damage to my body trying to eat foods my body cannot tolerate. It's for the best LOL".

@lamarchairez“You cried over fish” ##fishgirl ##seagan ##whynot ##youdidthisforwhat♬ original sound - Stan Twitter ?


She ultimately had to disable the comments section underneath the video after so many people mocked her for crying over the diet betrayal - although she has ridden the viral wave a fair amount since.

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