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18th Apr 2016

This optical illusion will melt your head

What colour hearts do you see?

Megan Cassidy

This isn’t quite ‘The Dress’, but it’s the same kind of optical illusion.

What colour hearts do you see in this picture?


If you answered “blue and purple hearts, and orange and green hearts” you are part of the majority.

However, on closer inspection, this isn’t the case at all.

As explained on this video by Byte Size Psych, when we zoom up on the hearts, they appear completely different.

Heart1 heart2

Do you see what’s happening here?

The hearts are actually both pink, with the insertion of either blue or green lines.

See what happens when we remove the blue and green lines…


It’s all a trick of the eyes…

If you liked this one, here’s a few more courtesy of Bite Size Psych

Video via YouTube/Bite Size Psych