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04th Sep 2015

This is the worst delivery we’ve seen in ages – and it’s not Gabriel Obertan (Video)

The cheek!


When you pay that little bit extra for a private company to deliver your parcels, you except everything to arrive safe and sound.

Of course it’s frustrating when you come home to a card telling you it’s at the depot or that they’ll try again another day, but at least they’re looking after what could be a very delicate and fragile item.

Sadly for Mat Furber in the South East of England, his package wasn’t exactly handled with care. As can be seen from his CCTV footage, the delivery woman working for myHermes really couldn’t be arsed.

As no one seemed to be home, rather than leave a note or ask a neighbour to take it in, she flung it over the driveway fence and trotted off on her way.

myHermes slogan is ‘Makes delivery easy’, and they certainly do. No faffing about for them – just chuck it over the gate…