This incredible iPhone app could save you from a shark attack 5 years ago

This incredible iPhone app could save you from a shark attack

If you still get the creeps going in the sea after watching Jaws, then this could be for you.

Australian geniuses have developed an app that could help alert people to a potential shark attack.


The technology works off sonar and has the capability to warn when a shark gets within 300m of a certain point.

It can detect if there is an ocean killer over 2m long in the waters off a beach and sets off an alarm on the user's device.

The $16m shark detector works using a 'Clever Buoy' off the Australian coast and pings a message to lifeguards when anything from a Tiger Shark to a Great White is picked up.

The technology, designed by Western Australian company Shark Mitigation Systems, can identify whether the sonar blip is a shark by the creature's movements through the water.

It is currently being trialled off the famous Bondi Beach and is part of New South Wales' multi-million pound attempts to stop shark attacks on swimmers and surfers.

With beasts like this 6-metre shark caught in the waters off Australia, it couldn't come a moment too soon really.


Hopefully one day soon it will be safe to go back in the water...