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28th Jul 2017

This hamster had an absolute shocker on the running wheel

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..."

Rich Cooper

First things first: the hamster is absolutely fine.

Hammy, as the hamster shall henceforth be known, gets up and runs happily on the wheel, appearing to be both physically and mentally fine after what must have been a traumatic experience.

Hamsters love a good wheel, they do. They love running on that shit. They live for it. Between eating and shagging, a hamster’s prerogative is run the fuck out of some wheels, and Hammy is no exception.

Hammy shares a wheel with two other hamsters – Hampton and Hamilton. Hammy was about to get cracking on another beauty of a run when Hampton – the shit – leapt ahead of Hammy and starting giving it some welly.

This launched Hammy up and over, catching the poor devil on the wheel supports, as though Hammy was struggling to scale a wall.

I mean, enjoy the video, by all means, but don’t forget: it was that bastard Hampton what did it to Hammy.