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11th Apr 2017

This glass-bottomed rooftop swimming pool is the stuff of nightmares

Scared of heights? Look away now

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Scared of heights? Look away now.

A new swimming pool constructed on top of a Texas apartment complex allows brave swimmers to gaze down at the pavement 500ft below as they do their lengths.

Crafted in eight-inch thick Plexiglass, the “sky pool” at Market Square Tower in Houston extends an eye-watering 10ft out over the side of the building.

The glass bottom reveals views of the ground… 40 storeys down. Even the video is giving us the heebie-jeebies.

The complex website states: “Swim among the sky and stars in this unique experience that feels like floating on air.

“This extraordinary and remarkable amenity will transport you to bliss.”

We beg to differ about the bliss part.

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