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09th Jan 2017

This girl innocently posted a selfie…but it went viral for all the wrong reasons

Little did she know she'd become an internet sensation

Laura Holland

You can’t get away with anything online.

A Twitter user, Alyssa (@og_pocahontas), posted a full-length selfie of herself before she went for dinner. Instead of getting compliments for her lovely black dress or herself, she got inundated with comments about her messy room. From empty food containers, to makeup brushes, odd shoes and lots of clothes, her floor was covered by all sorts things. She posted the picture of herself saying, “Going to dinner because I needed an excuse to wear this”.

People were quick to respond about the mess…

Some tried to help her out…

There were little details that people picked up on everywhere…

But the worst response was a possibly sighting of a RAT!