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17th May 2016

This guy wants to “recreate 9/11” to test the biggest conspiracy theory about the attack

"Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, bro"

Jordan Gold

Paul Salo wants to set the record straight “once and for all”.

“We’ll take a fully loaded aeroplane, ok? And we’re gonna load it full of jet fuel. And we’re gonna crash it into the side of  tower, on autopilot,” explains eccentric American millionaire Paul Salo, the man who wants to settle the conspiracy theories about 9/11 for good. And he’s willing to pay for it.

Salo’s latest project, which he is calling the “September 11th Redux” will involve purchasing a soon-to-be discarded Boeing 747 jet and smashing it into the side of a building at 500mph. But first he has to buy a disused building from the Thai military, obviously.

As he explains in recent YouTube video:

“…We’re going to crash it at 500 miles per hour into that building. If there’s just a smoking hole in the building and nothing happens, you pretty much know it was a hoax, right? Cos it’s obvious, right? Sure, some people might be upset, but we deserve to find out what happened.”

Salo has even gone as far as to offer a front row seat at the event to anyone willing to part with $5000 to help his experiment. Although, so far, only a mere $100 has been donated.

He wrote on his fundraiser page:

“Many people want to know more about 9-11. We are like a Mythbusters for September 11th. It’s an important project for many reasons. Many people doubt various details of 9-11. As the world has changed our trust in government and media has declined significantly. We want to see for ourselves. We don’t need people to guide our thinking. In this project we will recreate 9-11 to the best of our ability given the funds raised. Our ultimate goal is a fully loaded 767 and a similar structure to the WTC. We will crash the fully loaded (with fuel) plane (complete with black box) into the building using autopilot at 500 MPH .”

While Salo personally doubts the “jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams” argument, he wants to appeal to all sides, even hardcore “truthers”, with his project.

He said: “If you doubt anything about 9/11 we want to blast this to smithereens – or we want to prove you completely right.”