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21st Dec 2016

23 things from 2016 that will actually make you laugh

Maybe this year hasn't been so bad?

Alex Finnis

1. The genius who rearranged his mate’s X-Files DVDs:

2. When Gregor had a strop:

3. The proof that you can never trust the internet:


Image: Twitter: @JadeLindsay8

4. And the proof that you should never get a Megabus:


Image: Twitter: @frugaltraveler

5. This girl’s school, which is also kind of everyone’s school:

6. Vince Hernandez, who made an entire Powerpoint presentation so his parents would get him a phone:


Image: Twitter: @niallexplicit

7. When Facebook Trending was written by Billy Joel:

8. When someone did THIS and not even they knew why:

9. The girl with the most evil family that ever lived:

10. Linda’s excellent customer service:

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 11.05.54

11. The everyday hero who didn’t realise they were speeding:

12. This random cow who just, like, fell asleep on a bloke? Apparently that’s a thing that can happen?

13. This tale in two parts:


Image: Twitter: @Maxiedome

14. And this tale in four parts:


Image: Twitter: @HBarinsky

15. The eighth Harry Potter book no one knew about:

16. Annie’s drunken text:

17. When this kid found a new favourite toy:

18. This guy’s awesome new bath bomb:


Image: Twitter: @Clothiies

19. The dad who took on the law and won:

20. When Sainsbury’s absolutely nailed the substitution game:


Image: Twitter: @SuzanneBradish

21. This kid, who deserves a Nobel prize:

22. The girl who learned the shocking truth behind Scooby Doo’s true identity:

23. And the pun that may well have redeemed the whole of 2016: