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28th Dec 2016

This moving Sgt Pepper-style picture depicts those we have lost in 2016

A heartbreaking image.


This year has become synonymous with celebrity deaths, with many beloved figures passing away in 2016.

It has almost felt relentless, from David Bowie’s losing his battle with cancer in January, through to the likes of George Michael, Liz Smith and Carrie Fisher dying in the last few days.

Tributes have been paid throughout the year to figures from entertainment, sport, politics and more, and now artist Chris Barker has found a way to commemorate dozens all at once – including them all in a mock-up of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’ album cover.

Barker told Indy100 that he began work on the image in November, and has urged those who like the work to donate to the memorial fund for Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered in June of this year.

‘Initially I intended to include things other than just the recently departed but I started making a list of all the people I could think of who had died that year,’ Barker writes on his Tumblr page.

‘I gradually dismissed the idea of including important events and living people, mainly because I didn’t think people would really want to see Nigel Farage’s laughing face again. I think we’ve all seen enough of that now thank you very much.’