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18th Aug 2015

These American reactions to Father Ted are cringe-tastic (Video)


Cringe porn.

BuzzFeed have introduced Father Ted to our American brothers and sisters, and the results are unsurprisingly grating.

Our skin started crawling pretty early into this video when the first of Buzzfeed’s team of hired hipsters says “Look at that font choice… I’m cringing a little.” Font-choice is make or break for comedies, after all.

This is quickly followed by one of the BuzzFeeders asking “Man, they really laughed at that. Are we supposed to laugh at that?” when something funny happens on-screen.

Things get a little better as the video wears on and the commentators realise that it is easier to enjoy a show by watching it as opposed to talking over it – their new attitude allows for them to appreciate the word ‘feck’, develop a weird attraction for Father Dougal and decide that the show is ahead of its time.

Welcome to the party, America…