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12th Jun 2019

The Woodsman Whisky toolbox is the perfect gift for Father’s Day


In partnership with The Woodsman Whisky

Father’s Day is a strange event, isn’t it?

You’re never really quite sure what to get your dad. Or what you want if you’re the dad. After all, dads are simple creatures. Whether they’re an old dad or new dad, they become creatures of habit: sitting on their favourite armchair in the living room, throwing away the instructions before assembling flatpack furniture or keeping shoes next to the door in case the urge to pace around the garden takes over.

And let’s be honest, Father’s Day gifts tend to pander to these habits: grooming kits or socks or fancy wash bags to take to the gym. Been there, bought that.

So what on earth are you supposed to buy this man when Father’s Day comes around? They simply do not need things or like things or want things. They are happy with their armchair and their garden and the incredible, inherent sense of ‘Dadness’ that they possess. There is nothing to buy them. They do not want a toiletries gift set; they do not want personalised cufflinks.

Here’s what you get them, you get them this: a toolbox. But with whisky. And other things. All the things they need to make themselves a Maple Syrup Old Fashioned.

The key to The Woodsman Whisky toolbox is that it doesn’t contain any tools. Well, not the useless ones. Not the ones your dad already has loads of anyway. They have 46 electric drills, your dad. Don’t they? They do, don’t they? Why? Nobody knows. Not even they know. There is no situation on earth that could possibly require that many drills. But, once again, it’s your dad. They do what they want and they like what they like. Maybe it’s 46 electric drills, maybe it’s an iconic red tin that looks like a toolbox, but is, in fact, full of far more unique dad utensils.

Instead of blunt screwdrivers and rusty nails, there’s Angostura bitters and a stainless-steel cocktail stirrer. Eroded spanners and measuring tape have been replaced with maple syrup and a branded glass. And instead of a claw hammer, there is, of course, a bottle of The Woodsman whisky.

So get them this, and let them make Old Fashioneds to their heart’s content whilst looking extremely ‘dad’ literally making themselves cocktails out of a toolbox. And making dad noises as they do so.

Maybe even let them drink one as they are wandering around the garden muttering to themselves. They deserve it, after all. They deserve it, don’t they?

There will be a limited run available to buy here on Amazon ahead of Father’s Day – only 100 are available to purchase with an RRP of £50 (price includes a 70cl bottle of The Woodsman Whisky).

Kenny Nicholson, Head of Modern Spirits at Whyte & Mackay, said: “Whether it’s gathering dust under a cupboard or put to good use in the shed, we’ve all got a toolbox somewhere in the house.  But this Father’s Day, The Woodsman wanted to equip dads with the tools they really want – all the essentials needed to make a delicious Woodsman Maple Syrup Old Fashioned whenever they want. It’s a lot easier to build than a cupboard and perfect for rewarding yourself after a long day of DIY.”

That’s Father’s Day sorted, then.

Now just their birthday, and Christmas, and next Father’s Day to worry about. Over and over again. Forever.