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11th Aug 2017

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 50

Here we are then, Week 50.

Rich Cooper

Here we are then, Week 50.

That’s a pretty staggering number of JOE Friday Pub Quizzes wot we’ve done here. It also means that another significant anniversary is around the corner: the one year anniversary of the JOE Friday Pub Quiz.

We’re gonna have to do something special in honour of this… just as soon as I think of it. Hey, it’s the Pub Quiz – no one said it was meticulously planned out.

This week we’re kicking off with Classic Comedies, then Sport as usual, followed by Comic Book Villains. The picture round this week is on Simpsons Supporting Characters (just name the character!) then we’re finishing with Britpop, in honour of the 21st anniversary of Oasis at Knebworth.

Alright folks, now I want a good, clean quiz. Nothing below the belt, no eye-gouging and certainly no Google.


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