Tesco is selling massive boxes of 100 Jaffa Cakes for £1 3 years ago

Tesco is selling massive boxes of 100 Jaffa Cakes for £1

That's just 1p per cake.

Look, so whether or not it's officially a biscuit - we all know that interesting factoid about the court case, don't we - a Jaffa Cake has the aura of a biscuit. It's in the biscuit tin. It's in every sense, besides the technical sense, a biscuit. And it's a good biscuit, isn't it?


A great biscuit. One you'd like to bag yourself a bargain on. So, I imagine you - like I - will be delighted that you can pick up a hundred of them. That's one whole hundred. 100. A ton. For just a quid.

I mean, a standard packet of Jaffa cakes only contains 10 cakes. Wowza.

The offer was spotted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Credit: Facebook/Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

Sadly, though, it seems that the deal isn't available everywhere. Like the fantastic £8 Jack Daniel's deal, we reported on earlier this week, it's a stock clearance deal that is available only in a few select stores.


Still, at the price it is, I'm not the only one who thinks that it's worth a look on the way home tonight. As one customer wrote on Facebook: "That's 1p a cake. That bang for buck right there."

JOE.co.uk has contacted Tesco for comment on the availability of the deal.