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06th Nov 2015

Tesco is looking to hire a ‘Christmas lights untangler’…seriously

Knot on our watch...

Kevin Beirne

Christmas is full of tiny little annoyances.

Shopping for gifts for family members you see just once a year can be tough, as can working out the seating arrangements so as to avoid a post-dinner World War III. But undoubtedly the most irritating part of the festivities is untangling these little b*stards…

christmas lights tangle

That’s why a Tesco in Wrexham is looking to take that annoyance out of our lives by hiring a Christmas light untangler.

This is not a joke. The Welsh supermarket is looking for someone to work 36 hours a week, untangling customer’s lights while they shop.

The job description reads: ‘This November, Tesco is launching the UK s first Christmas light untangling service in one of our Wrexham stores and is looking for an enthusiastic individual to fulfil the role of a Tesco Christmas Light Untangler to help customers prepare for the festive season.’

They say the ideal candidate should ‘be passionate about Christmas’ as well as ‘be able to untangle 3 metres of Christmas lights in under three minutes.’

While they don’t specify the pay, they do promise it will be ‘competitive’ – although we’re not sure exactly what other light untangling wages you’ll be able to compare it against.