Semi-naked groom taped to traffic light in hilarious stag do prank 9 months ago

Semi-naked groom taped to traffic light in hilarious stag do prank

One stag and his rise to stardom

The age-old tradition of stag do's has led to them being associated with less than reputable activities, memories that last a lifetime, and of course the mandatory humiliation of the groom. For Jack Wilkins, 32, who is due to be married later this month, this was certainly not a night he would be forgetting anytime soon!


After a vague and mildly concerning "botched nipple piercing attempt" the groom's stags carried him to traffic lights where they taped him to the pole in nothing but his underwear and a pair of suspenders.

Stag Wilkins was taped to the traffic lights in broad daylight/Via SWNS

Hailing from Basildon, Essex, Wilkins is a welder by trade. Assuming his bride doesn't get cold feet after his rise to fame, the couple are due to get married on August 25.

Aaron Shinnick, one of the groom's group, said:

"The Stag Party for Jack Wilkins in Basildon soon become the talk of the town when a failed nipple piercing attempt ended up with him being carried across the road and taped to the traffic lights outside the Beehive pub in nothing but suspenders, thong, sandals and socks.

"This act bought tears to shoppers, sounds of horns from passing vehicles and of course prides of joy to successful stag group."


But hilarious pictures and unforgettable memories aren't the only things to come from the adventure. There is now a petition for Jack to turn on the town's Christmas lights, and of course, he will be wearing his signature outfit.

The petition has amassed 200 signatures since it was started yesterday.

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