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27th Mar 2024

Keanu Reeves reveals he’s been married to Winona Ryder for over 30 years


Keanu Reeves concedes that he and Winona Ryder are technically married

Ryder realised back in 2018 that their on-screen nuptials might have been a bit too real

Turns out Keanu Reeves might actually be married to Winona Ryder “in the eyes of God” after their ‘fake’ wedding in Francis Ford Coppola‘s 1992 adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The revelation initially came about after Ryder, 52, thought back to their time on the set of the film while promoting their on-screen rom-com reunion Destination Wedding some 26 years later.

Coppola’s Dracula saw the two share an intense relationship as Johnathan Harker and Mina Murray and ultimately get married in the film. Apparently, the ceremony itself was actually ordained by a real priest.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2018, Ryder revealed: “We actually got married in Dracula. No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life. In that scene, Francis [Ford Coppola] used a real Romanian priest. We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So, I think we’re married.”

Realising Ryder was right, Keanu suddenly replied: “Oh my gosh, we’re married.”

Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder on 'Dracula' 1992
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Cut to today and a recent Esquire ‘Explain This’ interview and the 59-year-old added that both his co-star and his director have confirmed that it was a real priest and that they believe they are technically married and have been for more than 30 years.

Reeves acknowledges that the ceremony was in fact carried out by a real priest and that both Ryder and Coppola “say” they are, so he ultimately concedes: “So I guess we’re married, under the eyes of God”.

Harking back to the 2018 interview in question, as you can see in the heartwarming clip below, the pair not only recall the first time they ever met each other but also confessed to having “healthy crushes” on each other. What could have been, eh?

Regardless, as you can see, the two have remained firm friends ever since and clearly enjoyed getting more closely reacquainted as fictional lovers, even if only for the camera.

We’re just jealous, to be honest – Keanu comes across as the most wholesome bloke going.