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24th Aug 2017

Scarlett Moffatt‏ has perfect response to being called ‘brain dead’ on Twitter

Brilliant. Moffat absolutely OWNED him!

Paul Moore

Great response about her GCSE results.

As students around the country receive their GCSE results, the normal platitudes and remarks are bound to be said. ‘They don’t matter that much,’ ‘you did your best,’ ‘they’re not the be all and end all,’ will usually be expressed and while those words might be comforting to some, they sort of miss the point.

Isn’t any exam designed to test someone’s ability? If a person does well, shouldn’t they feel happy about that and not have it diminished? Anyways, while minor in comparison to the A-levels, the GCSE results do matter because like anything else in life, you reap what you sow.

TV presenter Scarlett Moffatt was speaking about her own GCSE experience on Twitter and the former Gogglebox star posted the following message of encouragement for any of her followers that might be feeling a bit down about their GCSE results.

Fair enough.

Given the fact that she has over 560,000 followers on the social media platform, it was inevitable that she received a few insulting replies to the tweet. Here’s one example.

Rather than succumb to anger, Moffatt‏’s response to this verbal abuse from a complete stranger was measured, cutting and extremely intelligent.

A very apt answer considering the context of this anonymous abuse.

Plenty of people agreed with Moffatt‏’s very deliberate choice of words.