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05th Jul 2017

Pimm’s have launched their own ice lollies just in time for summer boozing

No longer will we have to choose between ice lolly o'clock and Pimm's o'clock

Rich Cooper

Pimm’s is the ultimate summer drink.

It’s light, it’s fruity, it’s refreshing and you can drink it straight from a jug without raising too many eyebrows.

There’s only one way that Pimm’s could be improved, and that’s by administering it through an IV bag that you can carry around with you all day, slowly releasing the sweet summer punch directly into your bloodstream.

Unfortunately, that is not currently available or medically responsible. Instead, Pimm’s have gotten into the alcoholic ice lolly game and have collaborated with a popsicle company to create a Pimm’s ice lolly.

Nice, right?

The tasty, icy treat is flavoured with lemonade, cucumber, strawberries, mint, and of course, Pimm’s. They’re 4.3% ABV, which is pretty good going for an ice lolly, a product that isn’t typically alcoholic.

Pops, the premium popsicle people, collaborated with Pimm’s to create the ice lolly, which is made right here in Britain, and the longer I spend writing this the more I want one.

Seeing as this is quite a posh ice lolly, it’s only available in fairly posh places. We’re talking Ocado, we’re talking Selfridges. On Ocado, they’re running at £5.99 for a pack of six. It’s an indulgence, but hey, it’s summer. You deserve it.