This optical illusion is driving the internet crazy 5 years ago

This optical illusion is driving the internet crazy

How many dots can you see?

We've not had a brain teaser annoy us for a while and the last big one we can remember is the whole shenanigans surrounding the colour changing dress debacle.


We're not going to go back into that debate right now...

The latest craze is this picture of an intersection of grey lines on a white background, with 12 black dots in various places where the lines meet.

All 12 dots are on the picture but the vast majority of people are unable to see them at the same time because your eyes' stimulated light receptors can sometimes influence the ones next to them. This confuses them and creates the illusion of the dots appearing and disappearing.


So the real question is, how many dots can you see at once?

Also, are you clever enough to solve this brain teaser?


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