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04th Jan 2023

OnlyFans star who earns $100,000 a month admits showering only 37 times in 2022

Charlie Herbert


‘Had sex once a week but showers once every 9 days’

An OnlyFans star who earns $100,000 (£83,000) a month on the site has revealed that she only took 37 showers last year, much to many people’s disgust.

Aella is the highest earning star on the subscription-based platform and had been tracking some of her regular activities throughout 2022 on the Daylio app.

She shared some of her yearly stats on Twitter, revealing that she had sex 63 times in 2022, drank alcohol almost 120 times and had a good meal 42 times.

But it was her showering stat that caught a lot of people’s attention, with Aella revealing she showered less than 40 times last year.

In response to one person who replied to the tweet, she explained that she tries “not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much,” claiming that if she showers “too often” it seems to make her “stink more.”

The OnlyFans star reassured followers though that, while she may not have showered a huge amount in 2022, she did regularly “spot wash my armpits and genitals.”

As for the rather sensitive smell issue, she said she can’t smell “it”, and if she ever caught a whiff it was “usually when I’m sitting on the internet at home.”

And, of course, she would ask other people if she smells to make sure she hasn’t become “nose blind.”

This didn’t seem to do much to convince people though, who seemed pretty unsettled by her showering revelation.

One person said the idea of only showering 37 times a year was “so insane” to them, no matter how much sex they were having.

Several couldn’t get over the fact that Aella had had sex more times than she showered in 2022, with one person putting the stats into perspective by pointing out that it was the equivalent of having sex once a week but showering “once every 9 days.”

And many others shared gifs and memes to voice their shock.

Others were more supportive, with someone else “wondering how much water gets used by people obsessed with showering.”

This isn’t the first time Aella has been open about her infrequent showering, with the adult performer explaining to followers back in November “how i shower infrequently but don’t stink.”

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