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06th Jan 2017

17 ridiculous things that could only ever happen in Glasgow

Yer da sells Avon.

Alex Finnis

1. This “fuck you” to cash machines that charge you:

Image: Twitter: @MoFarooq9


2. A crowd of people trying to get a fox down from the roof of a Pizza Hut:

Image: Twitter: @Britanniacomms


3. The homemade shirts these two made for England’s Euro 2016 game against Iceland:

Image: Twitter: @scottishtweets


4. This “breakfast pack”, which is literally nothing but meat:

Image: Twitter: @jonathanvswan


5. This important piece of political commentary:

Image: Twitter: @MattMcGlone9


6. This unique way of predicting who’ll win the Old Firm derby:

Image: Instagram: amandayoung.ox


7. Whatever the fuck this is:

Image: Twitter: @robbieesmart


8. Hot mulled Buckfast, get your hot mulled Buckfast here!:

Image: Twitter: @karenlreyburn


9. This Greggs with an outdoor seating area, for those taps aff summer days:

Image: Twitter: @ArtyBagger


10. The person who somehow left these behind:

Image: Twitter: @southstanddan


11. Everything about this barber’s sign:

Image: imgur


12. The bloke who got his takeaway milkshake served like this:

Image: Twitter: @alic0ban


13. This extremely Glaswegian toilet graffiti:

Image: Twitter: @PatsyBhoy


14. This joker:

Image: Twitter: @Martin1Williams


15. This man’s Glasgow hot tub:

Image: Twitter: @thepfd


16. The bloke who got his arm stuck in a pub chair:

Image: Twitter: @naomimcnaught


17. And of course, the Duke of Wellington statue wearing a traffic cone:

Image: Twitter: @jgirvin

Always and forever.