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16th Dec 2022

Nobody believes this ‘future NFL star’ is just 12-years-old

Charlie Herbert

He’s been labelled a ‘young GOAT’

People are struggling to believe that a boy being tipped for future NFL stardom is only 12-years-old.

Footage of Jeremiah Johnson has been doing the rounds on social media, and shows the football prodigy bulldozing through his opponents and scoring touchdowns with a physicality seemingly beyond his years.

And some are reacting with bemusement and shock to the fact that Jeremiah, who has a moustache and a tattooed arm, is actually 12-years-old.

Photos of Jeremiah, from Fort Worth, Texas, went viral after he won the most valuable player award in the under-12s category at the Youth National Championships, the MailOnline reports.

This sparked an avalanche of comments with people guessing his real age was anywhere between 20 and 35.

In a video posted on TikTok, a friend asks Jeremiah how old he is, to which the youngster replies: “12.”

@funnyvidallday #fyp ♬ original sound – Funny vids

Once people knew just how young the boy is, many tipped him for greatness and said he would surely go on to achieve great things in the sport.

One person commented: “Young GOAT [greatest of all time], bright bright future ahead of this kid.”

Another wrote: “Put in the work, keep God first, everything will take care of itself young man.”

Even Jeremiah’s mum, Shana Evans, has addressed the comments saying he looks older than he really is.

She wrote on Facebook: “Before I lay it down I just want y’all to know my baby is going viral.

“Yes he’s on the 12 and under team (he meets ALL of the requirements). No the tattoo isn’t real (duh).

“The goatee is though!”

Others mentioned he seems a normal weight and height for a child who has hit puberty early.

“He actually looks age appropriate here. I used to work at a middle school and he looks like the kids that just go through puberty faster than others,” one person said on Twitter.

“He makes me look like a little kid, he’s gonna be a star if he can keep up the hard and good work,” an account called Chaostopia added.

Despite the disbelief, an adult who remembered Jeremiah when he was aged 10, said he had a moustache then too.

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