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21st Sep 2022

New £171k flying car only requires a driver’s licence

Jack Peat

The aircraft can be parked at home and only needs minimal training to fly 

A £171k flying car is set to launch that only requires a driver’s licence.

Florida company Doroni Aerospace say their H1 aircraft is designed to be parked at home and only needs minimal training to fly.

They explain: “The Doroni H1 is a personal eVTOL that anyone can own, fly, and park in a standard two-car garage.

“No pilot’s license required—all you’ll need is a valid driver’s license and completion of a 20-hour training course (which we’ll provide) to get started.”

Currently in the funding stage, the firm say they have completed the eVTOL’s (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft) airframe, and now are producing a fully functional cockpit complete with software, avionics, and a computer system that’s ready for flight integration.

The company have announced they plan to fly the first Doroni H1 at their Florida facilities “by the end of the year”.

Anticipated delivery date has been flagged as fourth quarter 2024, with an estimated price tag of £171,000 ($195k).

The Doroni H1 will have a fast charge time of 15-20 minutes, perfect for the daily commute.

It will be capable of a cruising speed of 100 mph, with max speed of 140 mph.

Current range projection is 60 miles, but as technology continues to advance Doroni expect it to increase to 100 miles by product launch.

Safety features include ducted propellers that protect from the blades, as well as airframe parachutes and a variety of sensors, which helps the aircraft maintain its altitude and position in windy conditions and “during close manoeuvres in crowded environments”.

Doroni, who say they’ve received 36 pre-orders in the last ten days, say: “We believe personal eVTOLs are the next paradigm shift in urban transportation, bringing new efficiency to the way we commute, ship goods, and respond to emergencies and natural disasters.

“We’re building what we believe will become the go-to family vehicle of the future, capable of revolutionising the way we live, commute, and even build cities if scaled correctly.”

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