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23rd Mar 2024

Mum left in tears at Premier Inn after being told to ‘sit in corner’ to breastfeed

Ryan Price

Fellow mum’s have come out in force to defend the vulnerable woman.

A new mother has said she was “left in tears” after staff in a restaurant told her to go and ‘sit in a corner’ to breastfeed her baby.

Kelly Corbin was in the restaurant of a Premier Inn hotel in Guernsey when she was approached by a waiter and told to relocate.

She described the incident as being so traumatic that she considered switching to feeding her newborn baby formula just to avoid another moment of conflict.

Kelly described the emotional impact of the ordeal on social media: “I am so upset and humiliated by this. It’s taking everything in me not to go and buy some formula and end our breastfeeding journey.

“As a new mum again who has suffered immensely with postnatal anxiety, this has well and truly knocked everything out of me, just as I was picking myself up with my mental health. Shame on you. I don’t think I will ever breastfeed her in public again.”

Following Kelly’s post on Facebook, a group of fellow mums decided to take action, and organised a breastfeeding protest at the very same Premier Inn where Kelly was humiliated.

Fellow mother Rebecca Greening organised the protest by sharing the post and asking “breastfeeding mothers past, present and future” to show the woman was “not alone”.

About 30 women and children met at the Premier Inn a few days later and those with hungry babies breastfed them in the restaurant.

The hotel chain has now responded to the incident and apologised to the mum.

Speaking to the Guernsey Press, Rebecca said: “I just felt awful for her. It happened to me 18 years ago when I had my son. You’d think in 2024 that some things had changed.”

“We want to show Kelly support after what happened and to show other mums as well that all mums are together in this, and we should be able to breastfeed like we’re naturally supposed to do.”

The hotel chain also provided a statement to the local newspaper, saying: “We’re really proud to be a family-friendly business and it’s really important to us that all our guests, including new mums and their babies, have a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable experience when they stay, enjoy a coffee or dine with us.

“We’re sorry for the confusion between one of our team members and Ms Corbin in our Guernsey hotel and we wish to apologise to her. We have reached out to speak to her directly and hope to welcome her back soon.”

In the comments section of the protest video, shared by Guernsey Press, Alison Le Noury asked: “What was the hotels reaction? Would loved to have seen.”

One of the mums in attendance replied: “As we entered and stood waiting to be let in, someone ran off and checked with the manager whether we should be allowed in. They let us all in after a minute or two and we sat down. They took our drinks orders. Lots of ladies ordered tap water so they wouldn’t have to give money to the Premier Inn.

“The manager gave an interview to the media apologising to the lady who was so badly treated over the weekend. Then they came in and told us all our drinks were on the house and they’d sort us out some free food too. They were very polite and accommodating to us. I imagine their statement will appear on the news later on too.”

Another Facebook user commented: “I thought this was 2024 not 1924. Well done ladies.”

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