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25th Oct 2022

Mum leaves her husband of 14 years – only to be ghosted by new fling

Tobi Akingbade

What a plot twist

A mum-of-two has revealed that she made the shock decision to leave her husband of 14 years for a stranger she met at her spouse’s work conference.

Sounds like a soap opera, right?

Amanda Trenfield, who lives in Sydney, Australia, said that her relationship with her husband was struggling so tried to reconnect with him by joining him at the work do but instead she ended up falling for someone else while socialising.

The three-day conference, which was held in Margaret River, Western Australia, provided a perfect opportunity for her and  ‘Jason’ to feel an instant spark on the first night of the trip.

This was such an intense connection that Amanda decided to leave her husband a month later for her ‘soulmate’, despite not speaking to Jason since that fateful trip – although things did not go to plan for her.

Recounting the story to Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast, she said that she and her husband were offered a drink by Jason on the first night of their break.

“It happened to be my favourite rose,” she said of the beverage. “And during the course of that evening we just stayed talking… there was a depth of connection I just hadn’t felt before.”

She confessed her feelings the next morning, after ringing Jason’s hotel room and asking if he would like to go on a walk.

It was on this fateful stroll that he said he also felt an intense connection with Amanda and the pair kissed a few times before parting ways.

While it was only a very brief encounter, Amanda left her husband and reached out to Jason to see if they could build upon their connection a few weeks later.

But while he initially agreed to meet up with the mum-of-two, he ultimately concluded that it was best that they stayed apart from each other.

“He was there in those moments and felt the connection like I did. He felt the kiss like I did. But he decided to say no and move forward with his life without looking back,” she said.

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