'Miracle' recovery of Pup left to die in a canal 6 years ago

'Miracle' recovery of Pup left to die in a canal

When they rescued the puppy, it was a “miracle” he was alive. The poor mutt had been hurled 30 feet into a drainage canal and left to die.

One of his paws had been cut off: Some people’s cruelty knows no bounds.


Eldad Hagar, founder of US animal rescue group Hope for Paws, found Jordan the wounded animal was in awful shape

“He’s in so much pain,” Hagar says in the video below - his voice breaking - as he lifts the poor dog from the canal.

“Oh my God, someone literally cut off his foot.”

Jordan was rushed to hospital and doctors discovered he was suffering from bacterial infections, mange, and malnutrition. He was so weak it was days before he could undergo surgery for his mutilated leg.

There’s good news, though: Here’s Jordan today.



The charity says that Jordan is now happily living with a foster home and is on the hunt for a permanent home.