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22nd Jul 2015

Meet Medusa, the two-headed albino snake (Warning: Not for the squeamish)


If you’re scared of snakes, for the love of God, look away now.

Let us introduce you to Medusa, a two-headed albino Honduran milksnake. That’s right – twice the forked tongues, twice the fangs and double the nightmares.

The two-headed reptile was born in captivity and currently resides at Ben Siegel Reptiles in Florida (so far enough from us). She can be yours for the bargain price of £50,000.

The two heads were actually identical twins that split from one embryo to become two. But the twin embryos fused after splitting, producing the very unique Medusa.

Now for the gross bit (if you weren’t already). When it comes to feeding time, both heads simultaneously enjoy a separate meal. That meal is usually mice.

If one finishing before the other, it attacks the slower eater. That’s when the owners are required to step in. Even after eating, the smell of recent prey can lead to a hungry attack.

Here’s some footage of snack time. But be warned – it shows both heads each eating a dead mouse.

Sweet dreams!