Man found living in his car with 47 cats during sweltering temperatures 2 months ago

Man found living in his car with 47 cats during sweltering temperatures

Almost $12,000 has been raised for the animals

An animal charity in the US has revealed it discovered almost 50 cats living with a man in his car in "sweltering" heat.


In warm weather, it is important that pet owners take extra care of their pets, with animals being left in the car particularly dangerous without proper ventilation and hydration.

But one man in Chisago, Minnesota, was found living in his car with 47 cats in the vehicle with him.

The Animal Humane Society discovered the man and took to Facebook to share the story, acknowledging both the dire situation for the cats and the owner.


The organisation wrote: "Sweltering June heat and humidity. No home, no air conditioning. Living inside your car alongside your cats and unsure where to turn.

"This was the reality a community member faced yesterday when a concerned police officer knocked on their car window."

"Thankfully, Animal Humane Society was there to help, removing 47 cats from the van and providing them with much-needed care."


They continued: "Our Humane Investigations agents worked quickly and carefully to bring all four dozen animals back to AHS.

"Ranging in ages from just under a year to 12 years old, our expert veterinarians have just started examining each cat, providing vaccinations, balanced nutrition, specialised behavioural rehabilitation, and spay/neuter surgery."

The organisation reassured followers that "despite the extreme heat and unsanitary living conditions, the cats are in relatively good health."

However they did add that most of them are "dehydrated and a little untrusting of our helping hands," explaining that it could take weeks to provide the care each animal needs.

They have called on the public for donations to support the cats.

The organisation said that the fundraising efforts have been boosted though by an "anonymous animal lover" who has promised to match any donations "dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000."

So far, more than 200 people have donated, raising almost $12,000 (£9,774).

It is very dangerous to leave animals in cars in hot weather, particularly dogs. If you see an animal in distress or in need of help contact the RSPCA's 24-hour animal cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or visit their website for further advice

And you can find more information here on what to do if you find an animal in a car.

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