Man filmed climbing into speed camera and flashing drivers with phone 11 months ago

Man filmed climbing into speed camera and flashing drivers with phone

John Westlake even flashed a person on a mobility scooter

A holidaymaker found a novel way of passing the time while he waited for his pizza. He climbed inside a speed camera and flashed passers-by with his mobile phone - including a person on a mobility scooter.


John Westlake's late-night antics in Towyn, outside the Lyons Winkups Holiday Park, were captured on video by his wife Sarah-Jane Westlake-Mearns, who posted it on Facebook on August 19.

Westlake, 38, spotted the speed camera while his takeaway was being cooked around 12.45am, and said he thought it would be "a funny way of killing some time". Sarah can be heard egging him on throughout the video which shows Westlake flashing passing vehicles with his mobile phone whilst sat inside the camera's box.



Cars can be seen slowing down after being flashed, much to the amusement of the couple - and the hundreds of people who have since commented on and shared the Facebook post.

"We were waiting outside for our pizzas when I noticed a hole in the back of the speed camera," Westlake said.

"At that point, I thought it would be a funny way of killing some time to climb up and flash the passing cars to see if they'd slow down."


Once inside the speed camera, Westlake says he began flashing "everyone who was going past, not just people in the cars".

"I flashed one person who went by in a mobility scooter and told them to slow down," he said.

"I just took a run-up and managed to climb in. I was quite surprised the next day, when I saw the speed camera, that I had managed it to be honest.

"We were just having a laugh really. Every car I flashed slowed down afterwards - it kept us entertained when we were waiting for our food.


"I think people relate to it because no one likes speed cameras."

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