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28th Nov 2022

Internet reacts to YouTuber kissing his sister ‘for a prank’

Jack Peat

The video has been making the rounds again on social media 

A 2019 video of a YouTuber kissing his sister ‘for a prank’ has sparked outrage on social media.

Chris Monroe, known more commonly as PrankInvasion on YouTube, uploaded a video of himself full-on kissing his sister – or so he says – leading to a flurry of questions over whether the content is appropriate.

In the video, titled ‘KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK’, Monroe claims to snog his sibling, Kaitlyn O’Connor.

He points out at the start that she is in fact his ‘half sister’, but that hardly makes it better!

After spending an hour or so hovering outside of her room like a ‘creep’ (his words), the two finally sit down in front of the camera and get on with it.

The whole video – everything about it, in fact – is a tough watch and has led to several people questioning its legitimacy.

Many PrankInvasion videos are staged, and this one could be included.

Other people have pointed out that the girl is actually his cousin – as if that makes it better!

One person said: “This made me soo unclean that I feel Iike bleaching my eyeballs and scrub my entire body with a Brillo pad,” hile another pointed out, “This is definitely not the first time they have done this.”

A third wrote: “Half sister, full sister, quarter sister, 3 and a half pounds sister… Y’all NASTY.”

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