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17th Feb 2019

Huge scorpion spotted crawling out of overhead locker on plane

Kyle Picknell

A less than ideal companion for your long haul flight

Airline passengers in Indonesia were given a bit of a scare after spotting a 12-inch scorpion crawling out of one of the overhead lockers during a flight from Jakarta to Pekanbaru on Thursday.

The scorpion – known locally as kalajengking – was seen crawling around the overhead storage of the plane before vanishing. According to Karim Taslin, the passenger who managed to take photographs of the arachnid, an elderly couple immediately fled their seats after noticing the animal.

He also stated that despite attempts to warn the cabin crew they failed to react to the situation. You know, of an actual scorpion running about the cabin.

Still, as you can see below, some people clearly weren’t that bothered about the scorpion roaming around above them.

In a confusing response, Lion Air said in a statement that the arachnid in the photos ‘resembles a spider’ rather than a scorpion. The airline said that an investigation has been launched into how the animal got on board the aircraft but confirmed that the creature had not been caught.

Despite possessing a venomous sting, the vast majority of scorpions cannot cause serious harm to humans. Just as well then, if they’re going to start sharing our air miles.