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16th Nov 2017

Here are the 20 most popular new holiday destinations in 2018

Now we know what will be on everyone's Instagram feeds next year...

Rory Cashin

There are only so many places to visit in the world, so the tricky part isn’t knowing where to go, but when.

Ten years ago, Ibiza was the place to go for partying, but now it is considered one of the best vacation spots for couples looking for a relaxing spa experience. (Note: it is still a party island, but now not just a party island)

The trick to travelling is to go somewhere that isn’t going to be exactly where everyone else is going at the same time, you want to stay ahead of the cultural curve, staying just ahead of the trend so you can turn to everyone and say “Oh, you’re going to [BLANK]? I went there two years ago, it was amazing.”

With that in mind, did you know that the United Nations have a World Tourism Organisation that keeps track of where everyone is going internationally and can predict the trends of where will be popular destinations next based on the uptick in travellers heading there in the months leading up to the new year?

So here they are, the fastest-growing holiday destinations, and most likely where all the cutting edge travellers will be heading to in 2018.

The top 20, in reverse order, are as follows:

20. Japan

19. Finland

18. Colombia

17. Armenia

16. Cyprus

15. Oman

14. Chile

13. Montenegro

12. Seychelles

11. Malta

10. Israel

9. Mongolia

8. Nicaragua

7. Uruguay

6. Vietnam

5. Tunisia

4. Iceland

3. Northern Mariana Islands

2. Egypt

1. Palestinian Territories