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31st Mar 2015

First Church of Cannabis founded by marijuana-loving minister

The stoners' church exploits a 'religious freedom' law loophole...

The first Church of Cannabis has been founded.

Founded by the self-styled ‘Minister of Love’ Bill Levin, the stoners’ church was born following the passing of a religious freedom law in the US state of Indiana.

The law was drawn up to basically allow narrow-minded businesses to refuse to provide services for those of certain sexual orientations – which is a d*ck move that deserves to be exploited in our book.


Brilliantly, Bill used the law to his own spiritual advantage and claims if his church is blocked by those pesky anti-drug laws it would defy his religious freedoms. Clever boy.

The marijuana-loving minister has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds, which features 12 commandments including a tenet we should all live by:

‘Don’t be an asshole.’