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31st Aug 2015

Fiancée freaks out after receiving this worrying stag do picture of her husband-to-be (picture)

Too far?


For a number of reasons, seeing a husband-to-be go off on his stag do can be a bit worrying for the fiancée.

Elaine O’Brien became slightly concerned when her partner, Edward, failed to make contact with her on his stag do.

Fortunately, Edward’s highly considerate ‘friends’ sent her a picture to confirm that her future-husband was being well looked after.


Speaking to JOE, Elaine said “I hear nothing from him for 24 hours and this is the first photo I’m sent. Christ only knows what’s gone on today.”

Try not to worry about him too much Elaine, we’re sure his friends will bring him back in one piece when they’re done with him…


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