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28th Jan 2017

Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle discussing their rift shows how rubbish men are at making up

Good friends are hard to find. It's such a pity when stubbornness means you lose one forever.

Nooruddean Choudry

All it takes is one fateful day or massive argument to ruin a life-long friendship.

If you’re lucky you’ve never experienced it, but sadly most of us probably have. There’s that one mate who you were incredibly tight with, someone who was like a brother to you, and whatever reason you fall out and then never sort it out.

Ewan McGregor and Danny Boyle are evidently very likeable guys. Not only do they both come across as extremely affable and charming, but their co-stars and colleagues describe them in glowing terms as good, decent, reasonable people.

So it perhaps comes as a surprise that these two old friends and collaborators didn’t speak to each other for years after a falling out back in 1999. The pair discussed their rift on The Graham Norton Show whilst promoting T2 Trainspotting.

The breakdown in their relationship came as a result of Boyle not casting McGregor in The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton. But as McGregor explains, the reason isn’t important – was is important is that a friendship was broken.

You can watch the chat below, but what resonates the most is the fact that both were desperate to patch things up in subsequent years, but couldn’t bring themselves to take that first step. It led to many regretful years without contact.

Thankfully they eventually made up and are stronger for it, but so often we don’t. If you can relate to the situation and it brings to mind someone you wish you could patch things up with, perhaps it’s a good time to pick up the phone or send that text…