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19th Mar 2015

Do you hate anyone enough to send them edible d*cks?

This is the best ten quid you will ever spend...


Not all workplaces can be as awesome as JOE’s.

We’ve all worked with co-workers who drive you to the very brink of madness with their annoying habits *cough* Ben *cough*.

Be it the dork in accounts who won’t shut up about his “huge weekend, yeah?” (that really involved four tins of warm beer and 15 hours of Skyrim) or the guy across from you that won’t. stop. picking. his. nose.

Don’t you just want to send them a bad of edible d*cks?

Of course you do: And now you can, thanks to the guys at D*cks By Mail.

Capitalising on the Send Your Enemies Glitter craze, this imaginatively-titled website allows you to anonymously send a bag of tiny edible willies to anyone.

For around a tenner ($15.99), they’ll send a 140g bag of Haribo-style dongs to your best friend, girlfriend or – of course – your arch enemy.

It’s even a sort-of win for the person on the receiving end: What better consolation is there for knowing that someone hates you enough to waste ten quid on a bag of munchable penises than a bag of sweets?

Tuck in.

Image via Bag of Dicks