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27th Jan 2023

DJ manages to shoot herself in the face with confetti cannon

Charlie Herbert

She required hospital treatment

A DJ managed to accidentally shoot herself in the face with a confetti cannon during a live performance.

Flavia Ribeiro, also known as DJ Flavinha, was performing in Santa Catarina, Brazil, over the weekend when the painful incident happened.

In footage that Ribeiro shared online, she can be seen holding the cannon, completely unaware that it is the wrong way round.

She then gets a nasty shock when she sets off the device, and is blasted in the face with confetti.

Amazingly, she decided to return to stage to finish her set, before eventually going to hospital because she “couldn’t take the pain anymore.”

The DJ has been sharing updates on her recovery, and can be seen with bandages and some pretty nasty-looking injuries on her neck.

But she’s let her followers know that she is doing okay now.

Speaking about her decision to carry on with the set, she said: “I ran behind the sound equipment and kept playing even with a lot of blood dripping, with a lot of pain.

“I threw my hair forward and I stayed there. People on my team wanted to take me out, and I didn’t want to leave.”

She managed to last another 20 minutes before the pain became too much. She was then checked over by medics.

She continued: “I left the stage, went to the emergency room of the event and then to the hospital.

“Now I’m recovering and it’s all right.

“I’m going to leave the video so you can see what happened, because a lot of people texted me.

“Thank you for the affection, people.”

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