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08th Aug 2015

Diner gives 4000% tip for burger and drink

Now that's generous...

Tom Victor

Reservoir Dogs’ Mr Pink would be furious at this.

A diner at a restaurant in California gave his waiter a huge 4000% tip after what we assume must have been a particularly satisfying meal.

He’d only ordered a burger and drink at the House of Juju restaurant in the city of Clovis, but decided to add a $585.50 tip to his $14.50 bill to bring it up to an even $600.

Restaurant manager Justin Glenn, who was serving the unidentified customer, told the Fresno Bee: “I just didn’t think it was real,” he said. “I looked down thinking it was 58 cents, and then it was, ‘OK, maybe it’s 58 dollars and … no, $600 was the total.”

Glenn, the good boss that he is, opted to split the generous tip with the all of his waiters and waitresses.

TripAdvisor reviews of the House of Juju describe its gourmet burgers as “very ‘not Clovis'”, so perhaps it was just a case of the customer feeling they should pay a premium for that kind of quality.
H/T Eater