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16th Aug 2022

Darius Danesh opened up about his health struggles before his tragic death aged 41

Kieran Galpin

Darius Danesh

Danesh suffered a health scare after accidentally drinking water from the River Thames back in 2017

Former Pop Idol contestant Darius Campbell Danesh was found dead in his apartment on Tuesday, sparking condolence messages from many of his famous friends.

Aged just 41 at the time of his death, Danesh placed third on Pop Idol back in 2001 before moving to the US and starting his career on broadway. He also had two bestselling albums.

But the singer was not without hardship.

Back in 2017, Danesh suffered a health scare after accidentally drinking water from the River Thames, which then put him in a near-fatal coma.

“I drank the water for the video and raised the funds but, when I went to Glasgow to see my mum for her birthday, I collapsed,” he told the Scottish Record in January. “It turned out I had a cerebral oedema where your brain swells bigger than your skull. Dad saved my life. He got me to hospital.”

An inflammatory virus from the water then meant the singer caught meningitis, which can be deadly.

He continued: “As I came out of the coma, I remember my mum sitting beside the bed.

“It felt upside down and wrong because my mum was going through cancer treatment.

“Yet she was next to me with tears in her eyes telling my brother that they almost lost me.”

Danesh was “bed bound for three months”, but it did give him a great appreciation for his parents, who were both battling cancer. His father, gastroenterologist Dr Booth Danesh, was diagnosed with cancer in the early 2000s and given only three months to live. His mother, GP Avril Campbell Danesh, was diagnosed in 2015 with breast cancer.

Despite the hardship, both of his parents made amazing recoveries, with his father beating a stage 4 lymphoma that had spread to his bone marrow. His mum was able to beat away the cancer with a mix of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

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