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12th Aug 2022

Disney star now has 12 hour orgies for a living

April Curtin

She’s won multiple awards in her new career as a porn star

An ex-Disney actor made a bold career move and now has 12 hour orgies for a living.

Maitland Ward made her acting debut on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful back in the nineties, before starring as Rachel McGuire in the Disney channel sitcom Boy Meets World.

The California-born actor decided to switch from clean-cut kids TV to adult movies back in 2019, and the now 45-year-old has never looked back.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ward opened up about what filming porn is like.

“We don’t have any pre-rehearsal or rehearsal, we do talk ahead of the scene and there will be certain positions we discuss we’ll end up in and certain places on the set,” she said, “It all really depends on what kind of scene you’re doing for the day.”

The star said filming all the scenes in one day can take up to 12 hours, meaning getting your hair and make up done multiple times, after doing what she said is equivalent to “the hardest gym session around.”

“One time I did an orgy, it was a 12-hour shoot and we didn’t film the orgy until 3.30 in the morning,” Ward said, “It was great but we had to wait until the sun came up.”

While being on the adult movie scene is clearly harder than some people may think, Ward has really taken to her new role. The 45-year-old was recently crowned best actress for the second year in a row by XRCO, meaning she has now won nine individual acting awards in three award seasons. She’s also racked up 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Ward said: “The weirdest thing about it is, porn has given me my acting career back because I act more than I ever have, I have so much dialogue and we do features, it’s given me a writing career with the book and I write articles and columns and it’s given me respect.”

The actor also hopes that porn will become “more mainstream” and wants an “actual film to have sex in it.”

“Maybe not to the extent that it is in porn but maybe we have some real sex going on and let’s shock the world and it’ll be hot,” she added.

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