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22nd Jul 2022

Cowboy left writhing in pain when trying period pain simulator while woman on her period has no reaction

Steve Hopkins

The cowboy was trying out a menstruation pain simulator at the Stampede Rodeo in Calgary

A cowboy was left writhing in pain when a ‘menstruation pain simulator’ was turned to its highest level – while the same machine garnered no reaction from a woman on her actual period.

The cowboy grabbed the bull by the horns and endured the period pain simulator from its lowest to highest level at the Stampede Rodeo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and winced by the end of it saying “this is awful”

Meanwhile, a woman – who was purported to be on her actual period – “doesn’t even flinch” and is able to give a more-than-coherent “yeehaw”.


The video has gone viral and garnered two million likes – and over 15,7 million views – with many people commenting and giving praise to the man for taking on the challenge.

Representatives of the company Somedays, which specialises in science-backed therapy for muscle recovery to combat period pain, captured the footage.

The Calgary Stampede is described as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” and hosts many events including a rodeo and other festival activities. B

Businesses are invited to the event space to showcase their products and services to the attendees of the festival.

The company aim to use technology and science to prevent period pain, saying on their website: “Rooted in the concept of embodiment and trauma-informed care, we design relief that empowers people to transform their relationship to pain and take control of their body.”

Somedays co-founder and CEO Lux Perrysaid: “People with period pain are consistently told that their pain is normal and that ‘it can’t be that bad’.

“So watching cowboys fall to their knees and struggle to get out a ‘yeehaw’ has been an extremely validating experience for the millions of us that struggle with it.

“Mild cramps are normal, but anything that interrupts your life is not.”

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