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18th Oct 2022

Couple left stunned after proposing to each other at the same time

Charlie Herbert

Couple propose to each other at the same time

Tears of joy all round

This is the adorable moment a couple surprised each other by proposing at exactly the same time during a dream beach holiday.

Trevor Turk, 31 and Corey Francis, 34, had each planned to pop the question on a romantic trip Puerto Vallarta, México.

And the couple of four-and-a-half years were left speechless when they both pulled out a ring.

Corey, a workforce analyst, was the first to get down on one knee. But he was the one left most shocked when Trevor immediately responded by getting down on one knee too and pulling out his own ring.

The couple’s friend, photographer Albert Harris-Russell, was on hand to capture the magical moment at sunset as Corey had already arranged the moment with him.

Safe to say, both were left speechless when Trevor got on one knee as well, having kept it a complete secret.

Trevor, a registered nurse, had his suspicions the moment was coming when Corey proposed a mystery plan for dinner, and refused to give details.

The couple, had already been sized for rings a few months earlier, but Trevor had no idea when – or if – the question would come, and wanted to do it anyway.

Trevor and Corey, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, plan to tie the knot in 2024, so that they have plenty of “time to plan and relax”.

“The trip was my first time out of the country, so I really didn’t know what to expect,” Trevor said.

“I was so surprised. I was caught very off guard, but I was really so happy, tears were running down my face, and he was crying too.

“It was actually a surprise for Albert as well. I hadn’t told either of them anything.

“It was exactly like us. I’m more of a free flowing person and Corey is very detail oriented, so it’s very us. He even made a spreadsheet to plan for the entire trip.

“It felt like a dream afterwards. We kept calling each other our fiancées. It was just a giddy happiness that’s still here now. You could call it a new engagement high.”

Congratulations to them!

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