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02nd May 2017

This British couple on holiday in Greece really overestimated the meaning of ‘all-inclusive’

Conor Heneghan

An all-inclusive holiday has many benefits but not this many.

If you’ve ever been on an all-inclusive holiday abroad, you’ll be familiar with the perks that come with it.

In most cases, having already paid a fixed sum of money, you’ll be entitled to eat and drink to your heart’s desire and in many cases, the effects will unfortunately be very visible on the weighing scales afterwards.

Most people are fully aware that the liberties granted by the precious wristbands handed out by resorts to customers who have availed of the all-inclusive service apply only to the resorts themselves, but one British couple drastically overestimated its powers on holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes recently.

According to, a middle-aged British couple walked out of a restaurant in Hippocrates Square in the Old Town in Rhodes before being reminded by the owner that they had neglected to pay for the meal.

The couple then brandished their all-inclusive wristbands they had been given by a resort on the island, thinking that it granted them freedom to eat and drink for free on the ENTIRE island.

After being informed by the owner that they absolutely were not entitled to do so, the couple paid for the meal.

Bizarrely enough, they weren’t the first couple to make the mistake, with the restaurant owner saying that the same thing had happened to him the year before.

If that happened twice in the same restaurant on the same island in the course of a year, it suggests that occurrences like this, while hardly common, might not be as rare as you think.

Of course, there is the possibility that the couple in question decided to chance their arm (we are absolutely not encouraging anyone going on an all-inclusive holiday in the near future to do likewise), but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in this case.