Chanel the parrot is finally home again after going missing for second time 6 months ago

Chanel the parrot is finally home again after going missing for second time

Chanel is permanently engrained in our minds.

The first lockdown seems like years ago, but one thing to undeniably benefit was TikTok. Though trends come and go, some iconic moments continually live on in the collective minds of the app's users. One such moment is Chanel the African Grey parrot, whose owner bled her fifteen minutes of fame dry.


Chanel's latest adventure saw her go missing for three days but was later found a mile away. A lady named Laura had found the parrot, shouting "CHANEELLL" to call for it. Once apprehended, the parrot was locked in a room until her family could pick her up.

"I finally got some sleep after three days worrying, it was 10 o'clock at night, my bedroom door burst open and my daughter put all the lights on," the owner said.

"I was like wow what...and Chanel was on my daughter's arm and I was like 'is she real, is that actually her' and she flew to me and I just snuggled her."

However, not everyone online is so supportive of Chanel being returned to her owner.

With scandal circulating the family because of a dog breeding incident, many comments call for Chanel to be removed from the house.

"Clipped wings can lead to the bird self mutilation and stress also injuries when it tries to fly as it wont understand why it can't any more and hit the floor very hard instead of a safe landing so very cruel P.s I have 2 African greys that are both rescues," writes Stewart.

"Did she really lose her parrot? or is it for attention," writes a sceptical user.

"Do not clip a birds wings....if the bird is out of its cage, close the doors and windows," says another user, highlighting how common sense can prevent the bird from undergoing the procedure.

"Of course she has! Probably shut in another room! all attention seeking! She needs investigating by rspca! She clearly can’t provide the winged animal a level of safety! And seeing as it’s not the first she has lost! She probably should be banned rather than given the spotlight!"