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11th Jan 2023

Carol Vorderman says she has five male partners

Charlie Herbert

She says she’s ‘having the best time’

Carol Vorderman has revealed she has five male partners as she explained her dating “system.”

The 62-year-old media personality and presenter said she is “having the best time” dating her “special friends.”

But she made clear that, even though she’s polyamorous, she is “not into one night stands.”

Speaking on Michelle Visage’s latest Rule Breakers podcast, Vorderman was asked whether she is in a committed relationship.

The former Countdown star replied: “No! I’m having the best time!

 “I’ve spoken about this once. I have a system which I’ve had for 10 years. They’re called ‘special friends’.

“I spoke a couple of months ago about having ‘special friends’ and it was like, again, the world had fallen in for some people but actually what I found was there was an awful lot of women who said ‘I’d never thought about it like this’.”

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Although she isn’t exclusive with any of her “special friends”, she admits that she has been in long-term relationships with some of them.

“One’s 11 years, one’s seven years, you know everyone is single. It’s a happy place. I hasten to add I’m not into one night stands,” she said.

“The language around a woman of my generation is that if you had more than one partner when you got married, ‘You were this, [and] you were that.’ Everything was derogatory about a woman, that was the environment I was growing up in. It was like ‘she’s desperate’, everything was judgmental.

“Well you can take all that and you can throw it out the window, that’s my polite way of saying it.”

This isn’t the first time Vorderman has spoken about her dating life and her choice to see multiple men.

Appearing on This Morning last year, the presenter said her generation was apprehensive about discussing their sexuality and “played by a rulebook” whereas today’s young people embrace it very freely.

Talking about her own dating history, Carol admitted the ways of the past don’t speak to her anymore.

She said: “Our mothers told us to marry when we were still young so we grew up with this convention that you should find one person for life and as all the fairytales tell you they live happily ever after. My view is not quite like that.

“I live my life in chapters and this chapter, since I was about 50, so for the last decade or so, I’ve lived a life that is much freer, I’ve never felt freer. I have ignored looking for one person and I have a number of, what I call, special friends.”

She added: “This is a time to break this nonsense taboo, which is that a person should only be looking for one person that satisfies everything in their life.”

Dermot asked Carol how many special friends her diary permits and if they are “special friends to each other.”

She said: “They know about each other because it’s a very honest relationship.”

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