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14th Sep 2022

Butcher pokes fun at monarch’s fingers by selling ‘King Charles III’ sausages

Charlie Herbert

Butcher pokes fun at King Charles' fingers by selling 'King Charles III' sausages

It’s not the only time the butcher has joked about Charles’ fingers

A butcher in New Zealand has poked fun at King Charles’ fingers by selling ‘sausage fingers’ named after the monarch following his ascension to the throne.

King Charles III officially ascended to the throne on Saturday following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last Thursday at the age of 96.

But a Kiwi butcher has taken the opportunity to launch a new product mocking him.

Avon’s Butchery took the King’s name for their new sausages in a lighthearted reference to photos that have been shared across social media of his enlarged fingers.

Charles himself has previously joked about his digits, reportedly referring to them as “sausage fingers” on a tour in Australia back in 2012.

It’s not the first joke Avons Butchery has made about Charles’ fingers either. The Auckland-based business first posted a photo of King Charles III but removed his fingers from the image and replaced them with actual sausages.

“I’m going to hell,” the caption read.

Swollen fingers is something the now-King has suffered from for years, but it is possible that they could be the result of a health condition.

“Oedema is a condition where the body starts to retain fluids in the limbs, normally the legs and ankles but also in the fingers, which causes them to swell,’ Dr Gareth Nye told the Daily Star.

“To see if this is the cause, pressing the swollen area for about 15 seconds would cause a depression in the area.”

Women are more prone to this condition than men because of a female hormone called progesterone.

Older people can develop the disorder if they sit for long periods of time, and Charles has been pictured with swollen hands and feet most noticeably after long periods spent flying or travelling to hot countries.

It is also possible that the ‘sausage fingers’ could be caused by arthritis.

“Fingers usually become stiff, painful and swollen and although medication can help with the pain, the swelling can remain,” Dr Nye added.

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