Brits on holiday warned over Spanish 'bird poo' scam 5 months ago

Brits on holiday warned over Spanish 'bird poo' scam

Holidaymakers advise simply walking away

Holidaymakers have warned British travellers who may be journeying to Spain to be aware of a "bird poo scam" that is prevalent in tourist hotspots.


Previously conned victims have taken to Tripadvisor to warn other tourists of a scam that could cost them valuable belongings. Essentially, the con-men will pretend a bird has pooed on tourists by wiping a sticky substance on them. Naturally, they offer to clean the Brits up before taking valuable items like jewellery, phones and money.

One victim shared her experience with potential travellers, explaining: "We fell victim to bird poo scam. Walking between sagrid famille and gothic centre we were splashed by bird poo. Black slime all over my hair, arms and clothes.

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"Searching for a handkerchief a lady about 60 appeared signalling up above to the birds and handed me tissues. A gentleman appeared about 55 with yet more tissues.

"Lady didn't speak as such just signing... she wiped my back and repeatedly wiped my hair.

"Good Samaritans we thanked them and continued on our journey stained clothing and smelly hair."


They explained that only upon returning to the hotel did they realise "my gold necklace had gone from around my neck."

Another victim said the "best advice if approached by anyone just keep walking."

Two men, ages 54 and 60, were arrested in Costa del Sol last week for pulling off the scheme. Consequently, Spain's Department of Foreign Affairs urged tourists to be more vigilant when traveling.

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On their website, they wrote: "Most of Spain has a moderate rate of crime.

"However, given the very high number of holidaymakers that visit Spain, additional security measures are rolled out in public areas at peak times, such as during the summer and at Christmas.

"You should be aware that in areas such as airports, bus stations, railway stations, tourist areas and major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, there is a much higher risk of pickpocketing and muggings."

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