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14th Jun 2023

Brits embrace ‘mindful drinking’

Jack Peat

We’re a nation that does things by halves, apparently…

Millions of consumers are now drinking more mindfully – being aware of why and how much alcohol they drink.

A poll of 2,000 adults who have previously consumed alcohol found 57 per cent are choosing to ‘do things by halves’ – interspersing alcoholic drinks with alcohol-free alternatives at social occasions.

Prior to the last 12 months, 27 per cent had never attended a social occasion without drinking.

But attitudes appear to be changing – with 61 per cent of those polled now more inclined to drink alcohol in moderation.

Commissioned by Harrogate Spring Water, advocates of mindful drinking, the study found 20 per cent are motivated to try such an approach to drinking at social events this summer.

Further to this, 44 per cent see mindful drinking as a way to bring more moderation into their life, with 43 per cent viewing it as a form of self-care.

And 14 per cent find it helps them to make life’s moments more memorable.

Richard Hall, managing director for the bottled water brand, said: “Our survey clearly shows adults of today are becoming more mindful in their drinking habits.

“Trying to intersperse alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks is a great way to do this.”

The study also found 78 per cent associate certain social occasions, such as post-work events, weddings and birthdays, with the consumption of alcohol.

Many are turning to drinking mindfully because they believe that it gives them a more balanced lifestyle (42 per cent) and better relationships (23 per cent).  

Health reasons (46 per cent), to save money (41 per cent) and becoming bored of drinking (21 per cent) are some of the reasons why adults are adopting this approach.

It also emerged 35 per cent have decreased their alcohol consumption over the last 12 months – with 34 per cent noticing an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing as a result.

While 21 per cent just simply don’t like alcohol anymore, according to the study carried out through OnePoll.

Birthdays (26 per cent), weddings (25 per cent), and meals with friends (25 per cent) are some of the occasions adults think they would find more enjoyable if they were able to practice moderation.

Harrogate Spring Water is hosting a Mindful Drinking Bar at this year’s Royal Ascot – with the aim of encouraging racegoers to “do things by halves, one sip at a time.”

Richard Hall added: “Our Mindful Drinking Bar is back at Royal Ascot for the second year running.

“We are pleased to be able to support people to socialise and enjoy the moment whilst reducing their alcohol intake, which we know – is often much easier said than done.

“We want to show racegoers that drinking life in and enjoying the moment by doing things by halves really can help make life’s moments more memorable.”  

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