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31st Dec 2023

Baba Vanga has made some horrifying predictions for 2024


Baba Vanga is back

You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know who Baba Vanga is. The legendary Bulgarian mystic who is credited with correctly predicting some of modern histories biggest events.

From 9/11 to the Chernobyl disaster, Covid to Princess Diana’s death, Baba Vanga saw them all coming a mile off.

And while Baba Vanga died a few years ago, her followers have said there are plenty of rather terrifying predictions for 2024.

From the possibility of biological attacks to an enormous economic crash, next year is already really not looking good…

1) Attempted Putin assassination

Baba predicted there would be an attempt on the Russian leader’s life next year, and reportedly by someone from his own country.

Worth remembering that according to Baba, the attempt will be unsuccessful, so maybe Putin has a few more years left yet.

2) Increase in terrorist attacks in Europe

Next year, Europe is supposedly set for an increase in terrorist attacks by extremists. She rather unhelpfully didn’t specify which European country (or countries) would face the terrorist threat.

3) Biological attacks

In a similar prediction to last year’s, the mystic believed that a ‘big country’ will conduct biological weapon tests or attacks in 2024. Great.

4) Huge economic crisis

If you thought the financial woes befalling much of the Western world in recent months wasn’t bad enough, we’re apparently heading for a major economic crisis next year.

Economists listen up, because Baba Vanga puts the crisis down to a number of issues, including rising debt levels, increasing geopolitical tensions, and economic power shifting from the West to the East.

5) Quantum computing revolution

While everybody has their eyes fixated on the existential threat of AI, Baba Vanga says we should be focusing on quantum computers.

Simply, quantum computers use quantum mechanics to increase decision-making capabilities at a previously impossible scale. The power of this technology has huge implications for privacy, national security and financial stability as the capabilities of these computers could be turned towards national secrets, personal information or market data.

And there you have it. It’s worth reminding yourself that Baba Vanga hasn’t always been bang on about her predictions. She’s missed the mark on quite a few of her musings. It is reported though that she predicted the date of her own death: 11 August 1996. So perhaps we should be mindful after all.